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Our select products are made from the finest ingredients that is required to make the biggest &
best gourmet doughnuts from around the world.

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One bite and you’ll agree that we have the best doughnuts in the area.

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Welcome to Hole Lotta Doughnuts

Our select products are made from the finest ingredients that is required to make the biggest &best gourmet doughnuts from around the world.

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Doughnut Shoppe

Experience the difference that making doughnuts without automation delivers!

Soda Shoppe

Stop by for a cold, refreshing old-fashioned soda and a friendly face.


We proudly serve smooth tasting, rich, bold coffee.

Doughnuts with a “Hole Lotta” Love!

There are some that will tell you it is impossible to achieve both quality and quantity. Here at Hole Lotta Doughnuts, we beg to differ! We believe that when you put love and passion into what you do, anything is possible. We set out to make doughnuts extraordinary, and that means making them as big and delicious as we can. You might wonder why most doughnut shoppes don’t do that, and the answer is that they use automation, so they are limited to the size of doughnuts the equipment will produce. Since we do not use automation or mechanical depositors, we have the freedom to make our doughnuts any size we like – and we like them really, really big! In fact, it takes a cake box to hold a dozen of our doughnuts.

We prove that handcrafted yeast doughnuts can have great taste and be huge!

We love doing things the old-fashioned way because we think that is the only way to add the sprinkle of love into every product we produce. Speaking of sprinkles, we offer free sprinkles if you are under the age of 99. Who are we kidding? Feel free to ask for them even if you are a centenarian! Our beautifully fluffy and delicious handcrafted yeast doughnuts come in glazed with a choice of chocolate, regular, and peanut butter dream glaze. Most days we have a special glaze flavor, too, so be sure to stop in each day to find out what they are!

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What Our Customers Say

“Wow! Now that was a delicious doughnut! Be ready to either make a hard choice,or just buy one of everything and enjoy them all. ”

Brent P.

“Amazing apple and blueberry fritters! Get there early before they run out. Thanks for a great Donut Day!! And the plain glazed will make a great truck spare . . . humongous!!”


“These donuts will change your life! Those blueberry bites alone are worth the drive.”

Kelli M.

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Feel free to contact us, as we are proud to be supportive of our community in any way we can. You can also call in orders (no minimum). Allow 30 minutes before pick-up for phone orders. For large orders, please call the day before.