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Our goal was to make the biggest and best gourmet doughnuts in the area.

In a day and age when nearly everything we purchase was created with automation, Butch Phillips felt there was a need in Ashe County for doughnuts crafted the old-fashioned way. His dreamchild became Hole Lotta Doughnuts – something unique that we are confident you’ll find amazing and exceptional in more ways than one. IMG_1167 While Butch, and his wife, Karen, would never share their closely guarded recipes for their home-style bakery marvels, you can be sure of one ingredient – a “hole lotta” love! Our team has the passion to make sure you enjoy every bite each and every time! Our business model is simple: “Do what you do best.” And for us, that is making the greatest doughnuts anywhere, including London, Paris, and of course, West Jefferson, North Carolina! By not using automation and mechanical depositors, we have the freedom to make our glazed doughnuts far larger, and we pushed that to the max. It takes a cake box to hold a dozen of these beauties, but the best part is the taste. One bite, and you’ll forget all about the most common thing we hear which is, “It’s the size of a tractor tire!” We took that same “go big or go home” philosophy with our apple and blueberry fritters. One of our apple fritters alone weighs 8 ounces. We also do special events catering!  We can cater for both small and large events, including weddings, baby showers, holiday, birthday parties, etc.  We take the same care and attention with everything we offer, from our smooth-tasting, rich, bold, fresh-roasted coffee to obtaining the finest ingredients, both locally and abroad. We hope you’ll stop by to see our daily glaze special and our menu of doughnuts and other treats that are sure to create smiles. 

Piping hot handcrafted yeast doughnuts, made with a Hole-Lotta-Love!