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Our coffee pairs perfectly with the doughnuts we make fresh in-house.

Starting your day probably involves a shower and a fresh cup of coffee. If you’re looking for an even better cup, check out Hole Lotta Doughnuts, a local desert and coffee shoppe offering delicious brews alongside handcrafted doughnuts, ice cream, and baked goods. The people behind this shoppe believe in delivering the utmost care and attention to what they offer, including the selection of smooth-tasting, bold, rich, and fresh-roasted coffee. We believe in the three essential elements of good coffee – proper brewing, great beans, and a pinch of love. All three are present in every cup we serve.

Coffee in Lenoir, North Carolina

When brewing coffee, we begin with a bold product, Cactus Creek Coffee, that smells wonderful and delivers an impressively rich and smooth flavor. We offer a variety of different types of coffee, ensuring that what we provide in our shoppe meets our high-quality standards. We provide coffee brewed with traditional standards and the highest-quality methods. Our coffee pairs perfectly with the doughnuts and ice cream we offer fresh in-house.

If you’re in the Lenoir, North Carolina area, stop by Hole Lotta Doughnuts to sample a cup of fresh-brewed coffee. It will be the perfect complement to your favorite doughnut, whether you like the traditional glazed doughnut or you’re in the mood for a freshly baked fritter. If you have any questions about the beans we use or how we prepare our coffee, don’t hesitate to ask.

At Hole Lotta Doughnuts, we serve coffee to those in the West Jefferson, Lenoir, Boone, Blowing Rock, Fleetwood, Yadkin Valley, Morganton, Wilkesboro, Hickory, and Granite Falls, North Carolina areas.