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One bite and you’ll agree that we have the best doughnuts in the area.

Best Doughnuts in West Jefferson, North CarolinaAt Hole Lotta Doughnuts, we know that everyone has their own idea about what the best doughnuts are. For us, it means using the finest ingredients from our area and around the world to create the biggest & best gourmet doughnuts. That doesn’t mean fancy – it means fresh and delicious! Another criteria we put into place to create the best doughnuts is doing it without automation, so you won’t find a mechanical depositor or other equipment around here. We just couldn’t be sure we imparted love into each and every one if we were to cut corners that way. We also felt that machinery would limit us in terms of the size we could produce, and we wanted to go big! As Butch Phillips said, “Let’s make them big; it’s more fun that way.” The size might impress you at first, but it will be the ambrosia of that first bite that will convince you that we have the best doughnuts in the West Jefferson, North Carolina area and beyond. The best way to experience our doughnuts is with the Banker Bill’s Dozen box. It is 12 of our mammoth doughnuts in either chocolate or glazed, with 3 free doughnut holes included. You can also get a half-dozen of our best doughnuts or get both in our “Mixed-Up Mind” box. We offer various glazes to choose from, including regular glaze, chocolate, and peanut butter dream. Most days we have a special glaze flavor, as well. Stop by today and ask about our daily specials.

Our doughnuts come glazed, hot, and ready to bring a smile to your face

At Hole Lotta Doughnuts, we serve the best doughnuts to those in the West Jefferson, Lenoir, Boone, Blowing Rock, Fleetwood, Yadkin Valley, Morganton, Wilkesboro, Hickory, and Granite Falls, North Carolina areas.