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We believe you can’t say you have fresh doughnuts unless they are less than a day old.

Many people think that the secret for fresh doughnuts (or donuts, if you prefer) is to pump them full of preservatives so they can sit on the shelf for months without going stale. At Hole Lotta Doughnuts, we know better than that and want to show everyone in the West Jefferson, North Carolina area that truly fresh doughnuts come from making them within hours of you enjoying them. Fresh Doughnuts in West Jefferson, North Carolina We create our doughnuts without the benefit of automation or mechanical depositors, so we have full latitude over their size and ingredients. That results in an exceptional product that is far larger than you’ll find anywhere else. As Butch Phillips likes to share, “We wanted to do something unique. Let’s make them big; it’s more fun that way. It also gets people’s attention. The most common thing I hear is, ‘It’s the size of a tractor tire,’ but when they taste it, they stop thinking about how big it is and focus on how good it is.” We work overnight and in the wee hours of the morning to create each day’s fresh doughnuts, and we stay open until we are sold out. No doughnuts are saved to serve another day because those wouldn’t be fresh enough, in our opinion. We also keep our selection simple so we can concentrate on quality. We offer chocolate and glazed, with chocolate, regular glaze, and peanut butter dream glaze to choose from. Most days we have a special glaze flavor, too – come in and check it out!

Our doughnuts come glazed, hot, and ready to bring a smile to your face

At Hole Lotta Doughnuts, we serve fresh doughnuts to those in the West Jefferson, Lenoir, Boone, Blowing Rock, Fleetwood, Yadkin Valley, Morganton, Wilkesboro, Hickory, and Granite Falls, North Carolina areas.