Getting Past the Gatekeeper – Doughnuts!

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memorable glazed doughnutsAs a salesperson, you know that often the biggest challenge isn’t in developing a great sales pitch but in getting in front of the right person to deliver it. Nearly every company has one or more “gatekeepers” tasked with assessing each demand on their employer’s time to determine who gets through and who gets shunned. Coming up with an appropriate bribe can go a long way to getting in front of the person you need to speak with. One that you might not have thought about is fresh doughnuts, especially for your morning appointments.

We’re not talking about those powdered cake bricks that have a shelf life of several decades. We’re talking about exceptional specialty doughnuts from a doughnut shoppe that puts a lot of passion into creating mouthwatering, memorable glazed doughnuts. They don’t need to be fancy doughnuts to get the job done – just exceptionally tasty. The gatekeeper will not be able to help but see you as one smart cookie to have found such an ideal way to make them smile. Doughnuts can definitely open up doors – figuratively and literally.

If you are in the West Jefferson, North Carolina area and you are looking for the perfect doughnut shop for the doughnuts that will impress those you’ll be calling on today, stop by and see us at Hole Lotta Doughnuts. Our handcrafted, yeast-glazed doughnuts are sure to do the trick. They are unlike any other doughnuts you might have had before – for one thing, they are huge – and obviously, also delicious! So, if you want to make a huge impact, these are the ones to do it.