How to Turn a Trip to the Doughnut Shoppe into a Memorable Occasion

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Doughnuts are a delicious treat that almost everyone loves. These soft, fluffy, cakey confections are a perfect blend of light, fluffy dough with a crispy outer edge. Whether you like them raised, glazed, filled or frosted, you will love the doughnuts that we have at our doughnut shoppe, Hole Lotta Doughnuts! For many people, the consumption of your doughnuts is what you remember more than the trip to the shoppe itself. We wanted to change that and encourage you to turn your doughnut shoppe trips into more memorable occasions. Here are a few tips that we have to help you do just that:

  • Find special doughnut shoppes. While you can get doughnuts at almost any grocery store, there is nothing like finding quality, specialty doughnut shoppes like ours. We use handmade methods that give you a unique taste and encourage you to try ours or other doughnut shoppes that offer something special and unique.

How to Turn a Trip to the Doughnut Shoppe into a Memorable Occasion

  • Take photos. Our doughnuts are HUGE and delicious! To make your trip to a doughnut shoppe more memorable, take a fun photo with a beautiful doughnut like ours. Keep it to yourself or post it on social media– it’s up to you!
  • Make it a tradition. Take your kids to a doughnut shoppe after a hard day at school or to celebrate a good report card. Go pick up doughnuts for your sweetie every week. Making a tradition can turn this treat from trivial to tremendous.
  • Use doughnuts for special occasions. There are many people who love doughnuts– so much so that they are replacing this treat for other more traditional desserts. Instead of cakes on birthdays or weddings, choose a doughnut tower. Celebrate anniversaries or retirements with doughnuts! If it’s special, it calls for a delectable doughnut (or several!)

For more information about how you can make your doughnut shoppe trips special and memorable, give us a call today.