Treat Your Staff – Stop by the Doughnut Shoppe!

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There are few things as important as maintaining and improving employee morale when it comes to enjoying optimal productivity and reduced employee turnover. While things such as appropriate pay levels, enjoyable working conditions, and maintaining a positive work environment are important, there is one step you can take that is sure to create some smiles. Stop by the doughnut shoppe on your way to the office for fresh doughnuts and good coffee.

Treat Your Staff – Stop by the Doughnut Shoppe!

It isn’t always the grand gestures that get remembered the most. While core things like pay are very important to employees, it is often the perks that can really change attitudes about overall work environment. In addition, stopping by the doughnut shoppe so your staff can enjoy glazed doughnuts during the morning staff meeting can make them more likely to show up on time because they know they don’t have to squeeze in breakfast before heading to work.

You don’t have to make things complicated by taking a bunch of specialty coffee orders or grabbing a wide selection of specialty doughnuts. Good old-fashioned fresh brewed coffee and a couple of boxes of glazed doughnuts are sure to please the vast majority of your staff members.

That will be especially true if you’ve gotten them here at Hole Lotta Doughnuts, because we have the best coffee and doughnuts in West Jefferson, North Carolina! Our handcrafted, glazed doughnuts are made fresh with a hole lotta love and are so large that they are sure to surprise your staff and express your gratitude for all that they do for your company. We recommend our Banker Bill’s Dozen which includes 3 free doughnut holes that you can happily munch on yourself on the drive to the office. If your staff has been a little less than enthusiastic at staff meetings, stop by our doughnut shoppe to improve everyone’s attitude!