What’s Your Region’s Favorite Old-Fashioned Soda?

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While the big-name soda manufacturers seem to take center stage on the shelves at the grocery stores, it is usually the smaller stores, doughnut shoppes, and other places where you can find old-fashioned soda options. It might surprise you to learn that nearly every state has its regional favorite when it comes to old-fashioned soda, and if you get the chance to take a road trip across the country, you should seek them out along the way. Here are a few that are worth experiencing:

delicious old-fashioned soda flavors

  • Grapico – Since 1916, this southern drink hasn’t changed and remains an Alabama favorite in the old-fashioned soda category. “Older than dirt, but a whole lot sweeter,” is the description Grapico has to share with its loyal customers.
  • Vignette Wine Soda – Not all those California grapes go into wine production; some are saved for wine sodas, such as Vignette’s non-alcoholic Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
  • BuckSnort Root Beer – Most people think of root beer as an old-fashioned soda, but this one is brewed the old-fashioned way using hints of sassafras, licorice, and wintergreen. You’ll need to travel to Idaho to best appreciate BuckSnort.
  • Ale-8-One – What to do when you are craving ginger ale, but wouldn’t mind a lemon-lime soda either? Simple, head to Kentucky for this regional favorite that somehow manages to capture the taste of both!
  • Fitz’s Cardinal Cream – Missouri may be the “show me” state, but they sure don’t need any repeat reminders that their favorite is Cardinal Cream. Think of it like a cream soda with a touch of berry flavor. Fitz’s also makes a dandy root beer and several other delicious old-fashioned soda flavors.
  • Cheerwine – The wild cherry taste of this North Carolina favorite that got its start in 1917 makes it not just delicious to drink but a wonderful ingredient in recipes, many of which can be found on their website.

While we couldn’t have all these old-fashion soda options here at Hole Lotta Doughnuts, you will find regional favorites, including cream soda, Orangeade, and Cheerwine. Furthermore, here’s a tip – they go great with our handcrafted yeast glazed doughnuts. Stop by and see for yourself why a bit of old-fashioned passion makes the best doughnut you’ve ever sunken your teeth into.