Our Menu

Our menu is simple for a reason – quality is our main focus!

At Hole Lotta Doughnuts in West Jefferson, North Carolina, we keep our menu simple for a reason. By sticking to traditional glazed doughnuts and our famous apple fritters and blueberry fritters, we are able to focus on handcrafting the largest and most delicious confections you have ever tasted. You can still enjoy some variety, as we offer various glaze options and we’ll even add free sprinkles if you are under 99 years old (Who are we kidding? Centenarians can have them, too!). Come in for one or two, or grab a Banker Bill’s Dozen and get three free doughnut holes along with it!


We have piping hot Handcrafted Yeast Doughnuts, made with a Hole-Lotta-Love!
Our select products are made from the finest ingredients that is required to make the biggest &
best gourmet doughnuts from around the world, including London, Paris and West Jefferson.

Our Glazes:
We always offer chocolate, regular glazed, and peanut butter dream.
Most days we have a special glaze flavor – come in and check out the daily glaze special.


(doughnut holes also available)

$1.87 ea.

Chocolate Glazed

(Free Sprinkles if you are under 99 years old.)

$2.34 ea

Banker Bill’s Dozen

(You get 3 free doughnut holes with BBD)


Mix – A – Box

(a dozen mixed glazed doughnuts)


Half – A – Mind

(half dozen regular glazed)
(Half Dozen)


Mixed-Up Mind

(any special glaze, half dozen)
(Chocolate & Glazed)


Granny’s Ole Fashioned Apple or Blueberry Fritters

(bite size fritters also available)

$2.80 ea

Dozen Fritters


Ask About Our Daily Specials


We believe in working with our local businesses ansd sharing their products with you.
Our cold drinks are by Dr. Pepper Bottling Company.
Cheek Dairy Products delivers our milk fresh from the farm.
Only the best for our friends who eat with us at Hole Lotta Doughnuts

Cold Drinks

Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Cheerwine & Water

$1.87 ea.

Cheek Dairy Farms Milk

Pasteurized NON-Homogenized Plain and Chocolate


Fresh Roasted Coffee

Smooth Tasting Rich’n Bold (No Decaf)


Phone orders= no minimum on amount ordered. Allow 30 min before pickup.
Large orders, please call the day before.