Oh my goodness! The taste of these doughnuts is amazing! This was our first visit, and we will definitely be coming back.

- Kelly M.

Fresh and delicious! The milk is out of this world too.

- Sabrina H.

Huge, freshly made doughnuts! I’m in love with this place.

- Nicole B.

Amazing apple and blueberry fritters! Get there early before they run out. Thanks for a great Donut Day!! And the plain glazed will make a great truck spare … humongous!!

- Esteban

The largest doughnuts I have ever seen! Tried the peanut butter dream, and it was delicious!

- Donna O.

What?? Homemade doughnuts & fritters big enough for two!! Love this place! Go get ’em!

- John P.

The donuts are huge and soooooo good!!!!

- Angelica U.

So happy the new West Jefferson location is open! These are by far the best donuts. Can’t beat the size and taste!

- Ryanne H.

I can’t say enough about the delicious and huge donuts. Very nice staff as well. I go every Friday. By far my favorite.

- Julie G.

There’s not one donut they make that isn’t good. Love them. Great quality! Love the people, too. Nice, good people!

- Pam I.

We’ve had donuts, holes, apple and blueberry fritters. Have thoroughly enjoyed each of them. Great people running it too!!

- Joyce M.

This place is amazing!!! Wonderful people working there and the donuts and other things are incredible. Best donuts ever!!

- Allyson L.

Hole Lotta Doughnuts is a hidden gem. I was a little late to get a doughnut– they had sold out. But we got doughnut holes & blueberry fritters. The doughnut holes & fritters are big. Friendly staff. Love this place.

- Ginger & Shane B.

Wonderful, freshly made doughnuts and fritters. Excellent coffee and local milk.

- John P.

The donuts were huge and fresh. Staff was friendly. I’ll definitely be there again.

- Mikal H.

Friendly staff and delicious doughnuts!!! I will definitely be back. Highly recommend!!

- Chris R.

Went in for the first time today. The staff is very friendly, and the doughnuts are amazing! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

- Anna B.

We were just able to try these doughnuts for the first time today. They are AMAZING! The staff was friendly — and we were able to sample the maple glaze, also. Everything was wonderful! Definitely worth your while to stop in!

- Kayla P.

Amazing first experience. My fiancée and I absolutely loved it. Great service, great people! We will definitely be coming back.

- Z.F.

Amazing first experience. My fiancée and I absolutely loved it. Great service, great people! We will definitely be coming back.I had my experience with Hole Lotta Doughnuts yesterday. It was the best doughnut I have ever eaten.

- Trisha B.

The donuts are huge and so good. Great people. I will be coming back.

- Noah M.

Their doughnuts are awesome. Well worth the wait this morning. We will definitely be back.

- Karissa B.

Very tasty. Loved the chocolate glazed ones. Can’t wait to try the maple.

- Victoria P.

Amazing donuts and apple fritters. Little long on the wait but so worth it. The owner makes everyone feel welcome and helps break up the wait time.

- Ken D.

Best doughnuts and fritters you will eat. Be sure to come by on the days they make the blueberry fritters if you’re a blueberry lover!!

- Terry M.

Shoutout to Hole Lotta Doughnuts!!! Perfect afternoon break!!!! Wow – just WOW on your blueberry fritters. BJB loved his special doughnut !!! #BiggestDonutsEver!!

- Karla B

One word–YUMMY! These doughnuts are BIG and delicious. Love all the different kinds to pick from. Can’t wait to visit in their new store! Definitely a must-stop for doughnut lovers.

- Gay S.

More Like a Hole Lotta Awesome!!! Get there early … when they sell out, they are closed. Not cheap, but worth it. Two doughnuts are the size of 6 doughnuts @ other places. The doughnuts are huge and so are the doughnut holes!! Fritters are good too!! Gonna get a Hole Lotta More in the Future!!

- Brian W.

I cant even tell you how good this place is. You just have to go try yourself and see and hope that they haven’t sold out already.

- Chasity J.

Great chocolate donuts. Very large. Not your standard size. Fresh milk, donut holes, apple fritters. Small place. Would go again.

- Gayle S.

The donuts are glorious, and the apple fritters are absolutely to die for. They’re also the size of your head.

- Amber E.

Great service, great doughnuts. Hard to decide on a favorite.

- Tracy G.

The doughnuts and fritters are heaven-sent! Welcoming, friendly staff! Great find for truly homemade, fresh donuts like there used to be!

- Cheryl K.

Everything! Every donut, every fritter is to die for! The staff is courteous and helpful.

- Rayna H.

All I can say is WOW!! Best doughnut I have ever had … so good I am going to drive four hours round trip to get some this weekend!!

- Kim K.

Finally able to try their doughnuts when I was up visiting my parents for the weekend!! The peanut butter marshmallow fluff one was delicious and brought back all the feels from my childhood (okay and adulthood) of eating marshmallows dipped in peanut butter!! Just what Ashe County needed, and I look forward to enjoying another treat when I visit!!!

- Tricia W.

Always fresh and HUGE doughnuts and fritters. I will never eat a “regular” donut again. Very friendly and helpful. Great communication when ordering a specialty item.

- Rita B.

Loved this place. Donuts were great, and the people were wonderful. Great little place.

- Kenetha F.

My first visit to this hidden gem, but definitely not my last. Small and cozy shop in West Jefferson offers a variety of fresh treats along with wonderful service from the owner, Butch, and his amazing crew. Ordering a fresh batch of these delicious doughnuts was well worth the trip! Definitely coming back for more!!

- Corrie O.

From the moment you walk in, you feel like part of the Hole Lotta Doughnuts family. The yeast doughnuts are delicious– huge and freshly made. Can’t wait for my next trip!

- Missy G.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience! Delicious donuts, super friendly service, and they even gave us a free sample of a new product they are working on: cinnamon buns (please make this a full-time addition– it was scrumptious!). Very impressed!

- Anna B.

Great family that is passionate about everything they do! Check them out!

- Kevin P.

Y’all may be tired of hearing this, but I had the best doughnut of my life today! I work at the hospital, and the whole place was buzzing about how amazing they were! So excited that you are here! Expect us to be regulars!!!

- Maggie M.

Doughnuts are light and fluffy. So soft they just seem to melt in your mouth. They are not overly sweet like other doughnuts ,which makes me really love them!

- Octavia J.

Absolutely the best doughnuts ever. The maple-covered doughnut holes are my favorite‼️

- Pam

I dare you to find a better staff serving better doughnuts … you can’t! So glad Butch and his team have graced their presence in Ashe County! THE BEST!!!!

- Brett S.

Wood Plus Hardwood Flooring loves Hole Lotta Doughnuts!!! These donuts are HUGE and Delicious! Thank you, Butch!!

- Sammi H.

Love their doughnuts!! And the blueberry fritters are to die for.

- Caryle H.

OMGoodness. Really, really, really good. Very, very, very bad for my waistline. The donuts are so big two of us ate one.

- Michelle W.

I had my first one today. Let’s just say I’m sold. So good.

- Ruth H.

Literally the best donuts I have ever eaten! I’m not just saying that because I am local either. Top-notch, friendly service, and they serve donuts, donut holes, fritters, etc.

- Alexander W.

Best customer service you will find in the South. Donuts are out of this world and the milk is yummmy!

- Juanita F.

Wow! Now that was a delicious doughnut! Be ready to either make a hard choice, or just buy one of everything and enjoy them all.

- Brent P.

These donuts will change your life! Those blueberry bites alone are worth the drive.

- Kelli M.

Best apple fritters I’ve had in years and extremely friendly staff!

- Jason W.

About time we got a homemade ma & pa doughnut shop. They are the best yeast (not cake) doughnuts around! Support our locally owned and operated businesses!! Always great, but a little bit pricey. They more than make up for it with quality and portion size. Plus, you don’t get service and a genuine smile from the other doughnut options in the tri-state area.

- Travis S.

It was worth the 1 1/2 hour drive this morning to experience their doughnuts! They are phenomenal! The staff was super nice and friendly. We will definitely be back buying more!!

- April S.

The donuts are amazing! The owners and staff are extremely friendly. I definitely recommend a sweet treat from here.

- Amy T.

The doughnuts here are huge! 6 doughnuts are the equivalent to a dozen from other places. They are so good!

- Kathy H.

Best doughnuts in the High Country, and a wonderful crew behind the counter. Thank y’all for a wonderful experience and amazing treats!

- Hallie B.

Wonderful ladies were so helpful and kind! The doughnuts are awesome! I will be returning!

- Jennifer S.

It was worth the hour-and-a-half drive. We’ll be back!!! Customer service was great!

- Jamie N.

The best donuts around! Fabulous people, too! Make sure you buy an apple fritter!

- Loyd T.

We had an awesome experience our first time at Hole Lotta Doughnuts this morning! Not sure what was better, the treats or the staff. Definitely a new favorite for this family!

- Jessica T.

I took my grandson yesterday, and we had a ball, thanks to the friendly staff and owner. You have to check them out if you haven’t already.

- Robert G.

Very good, very large doughnuts. If you haven’t been yet, you need to try it out!

- Eric & Shannon A.

The fritters, cinnamon rolls, and HUGE doughnut holes were great!

- Glenn H.

Awesome doughnuts. Better use both hands. Could be used as a life preserver if they were waterproof.

- Shawn T.

We got a dozen glazed to share at work, and they were warm and delicious. I will definitely be getting more in the future!

- Amanda N.

Got donuts for my folks at work this morning. They are absolutely delicious. Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

- Chris R.

The best doughnuts ever. The old fashioned apple fritter is amazing — taste takes you back in time like granny’s.

- George P.

Amazing doughnuts! I’ve been waiting for this place to open ever since Butch told me he was starting it up in the fall! I wasn’t disappointed! Definitely beyond satisfied my doughnut craving! Don’t miss out of this small town gem! #supportlocalbusiness #westjeffersonnc

- Melissa E.

These doughnuts are so yummy and the people are so nice.

- Chene C.

Oh My GOODNESS!! Absolutely best doughnut I have ever had! I’d have to say that they are the PERFECT doughnuts!!

- Savannah L.

Had a sample box delivered to our office. First bite, I was sold!

- Hugh R.

A local-owned doughnut shop that’s not a chain? Yes, please.

- Carrie M .